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Tournament Date: July 24, 2024

(Day before Bitcoin Conference)

Location:  The Hermitage Golf Course (Nashville, TN)

Enjoy a fun day of golf with fellow Bitcoiners from around the world.  This is the best way to kick off one of the most exciting weeks in Bitcoin.  Compete for trophies, prizes, and bragging rights.  Fun format with “special holes” heavily influenced by Bitcoin Fundamentals.     

The tournament will be a shotgun start with 2 teams in each foursome.  Sign up as a team or as an individual and allow us to pair you up with an awesome Bitcoiner.

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Entry is $175 per person ($350 per team). Pay in Bitcoin or fiat. Entry fee includes your tee time, gift bag, happy hour, and opportunity for prizes.

Rental Clubs-available upon request at an additional fee.

 ** Thank you to our sponsors. Your support and love for Bitcoin... and golf, is a testament to your commitment in creating a better tomorrow. All unused funds will be donated to Open-Source Bitcoin projects. “Helping create a better tomorrow today,” through

Personal Note: I am so excited to create this tournament for everyone. I can't wait to meet all of you and have a great time. -BitcoinForKiddos

  • Hole 13 (Hole-In-One Challenge)

    Merging Traditional Asset Management with Bitcoin.  Samara’s offering provides clients access to Bitcoin focused investments and products.

  • Holes 1 & 17 (Closest to the pin)

    Joltz Rewards is the loyalty platform enabling brands of any size to offer their customers bitcoin rewards with ease.

    Premium Sponsor 
  • Hole 11 (Long Drive)

    Riot Platforms is a Bitcoin mining company, supporting the Bitcoin blockchain through rapidly expanding large-scale mining in the United States. Publicly traded under ticker: RIOT

  • Hole 2

    Build is a pioneer in bitcoin-backed direct lending. In partnership with Unchained, the Build Secured Income Fund I seeks to deliver attractive current income to investors while providing dollar liquidity to bitcoin HODLers.

  • Hole 18

    Protect your bitcoin with cold storage that you control and get access to trading, inheritance, loans, and IRAs—all backed by the best support in the industry.

  • Hole 8

    A premier Crypto exchange. Kraken makes it easy to buy bitcoin. Whether you are a small fish or a whale, Kraken has the products and services you need to manage your wealth.

  • Holes 4 & 9

    BitGo provides regulated custody, financial services, and core infrastructure for investors and builders alike.

  • Hole 3

    The strengths of self-custody multisig, without the technical burden on you. The ease of third-party custody, without you giving up control of your Bitcoin.

  • Hole 5

    Automated B2B Energy Settlement​, enhance cash flow, mitigate credit risk, save time. Join leading energy suppliers, utilities and infrastructure providers de-risking energy contracts the right way.

  • Hole 10

    Helping Bitcoin companies achieve their full potential.

  • Holes 15 & 16

    Started in 2012, CWP is comprised of traditional energy traders, PhDs, actuaries, derivatives traders and risk managers. Helping to reduce your energy risk to maximize your bitcoin rewards.

  • Hole 7

    Early Riders is a sound capital investment firm. We build and invest in category defining companies at the bleeding edge of bitcoin, AI, and open-source technologies.

  • Hole 12

    Giga Energy designs, manufacturers, and operates energy infrastructure for methane mitigation, electrical systems, bitcoin mining, and power generation

  • Hole 6

    Bridging the gap between you and Bitcoin.

  • Prize & Gift Sponsor

    As winemakers, our belief is simple: growing in an environment that produces the highest quality fruit results in the highest quality wine.

  • Prize & Gift Sponor

    Now you can taste freedom first thing in the morning and also participate in the circular bitcoin economy. Satoshi Coffee Co. offers fresh-roasted coffee that you can purchase using the Lightning Network or on-chain BTC.

  • Trophy Sponsor

    Bitcoin Products you definitely want! Cases, Nodes, Grenades and Badgers! Custom products available upon request.